Real Change with HITECH and EHRs

The Healthcare Blog has an interesting post entitled EHR Redux. The impacts of the proposed regulations will  have a ripple impact which may be somewhat unknown at this time. David Kibbe, in his post, highlights some of these potential changes in EHR technologies as the NPRM on Meaningful Use and IFR on healthcare standards near refinement and regulations.

The real changes being unleashed are causing hesitation on defining a clear direction for providers to take and calls for “relaxation” on the Meaningful Use requirements. To a certain degree, there seems to be a giant collective deep breath taking place in the healthcare IT market in trying to sort out the right course of action to take. Even when the public comment periods end soon for the NPRM and IFR, the direction may still be hazy.

Regardless, the wave of change that HITECH will have is quickly unfolding. Being prepared is a must, as well as being nimble. Get your project teams ready, and prepare your organization – and the patients they serve – for the changes coming.

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Jon Mertz serves as the editor at and vice president of marketing at Corepoint Health. Jon is an advocate for strong patient engagement in their health and understands the key roles health literacy, patient data, and healthcare interoperability play in developing a better health care model. Follow Jon on Twitter.