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“ONC did an excellent job of creating pragmatic, achievable guidelines for physicians while still maintaining an ambitious vision for health IT… Now that EHR systems are affordable and Meaningful Use is within grasp – doctors have absolutely no reason to stick with paper records.” – Ryan Howard, CEO of Practice Fusion

“We have revised the definition of meaningful use … and are requiring an overall lower bar and an approach that is more flexible.” – iHealthBeat

On Tuesday, the Department of Health and Human Services announced the release of the final rule establishing the incentive program guidelines for the meaningful use of electronic medical records.

Reactions to the final rule have been relatively positive as it appears that the 2,000+ comments submitted in response to the interim final rule were well received by those involved in the decision making process.

The following articles by various healthcare leaders and organizations provide a great summary and commentary on the final Meaningful Use guidelines:

  • Health Data Management article: A First Look at Final MU Criteria. This article provides a high level summary of the meaningful use changes from the previously proposed rule to the final rule, as well as a brief summary of next steps for healthcare providers as well as meaningful use’s own stage two.
  • Healthcare Standards blog post by Keith Boone (@motorcycle_guy): Meaningful Use Standards Summary. This blog post summarizes identifies 15 key points from the final rule on meaningful use and includes a table, organized by Don Sepulvada, Sr. Marketing Manager of GE Healthcare, on the stage one certification criteria and requirements for ambulatory and hospital EHR products.

As Brian Ahier noted on his recent blog post, defining moment for meaningful use, “we have reached a fulcrum point in the history of health care in our country.” The acceptance and support of meaningful use is instrumental to the future of the healthcare industry and subsequently, HITECH’s impact on the quality of healthcare in America will be no less than meaningful.

You can find a PDF of the Meaningful Use Final Rule here.

Are there any other articles or summaries that you have found to be particularly helpful?

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