2011 Top #HITsm Contributors

In 2010, we published the inaugural Top #HITsm Contributor Awards, which included a top-10 list for both individual and organizational Twitter accounts. 2010 winners were chosen based on the number of nominations they received and Klout scores, and included some fantastic Twitter feeds that continue to produce excellent Health IT content.

After discussion among the #HITsm community in last week’s TweetChat, we decided to slightly alter plans in 2011 to make the list more inclusive, which is truly reflective of the “big tent” ethos we witness and practice weekly during our online interactions and during our Friday #HITsm TweetChats.

While it would be impossible to include every Twitter user who shares information about Health IT, the following Twitter feeds understand the health IT community and actively participate in healthcare IT conversations using social media tools. Attributes of each of the following accounts:

  • Create and share quality and relevant content.
  • Engage with a noteworthy network of health care and health IT professionals and organizations.
  • Participate in the #HITsm TweetChats.

Congratulations again to all of the 2011 Top #HITsm Contributors!

Note: For those individuals and organizations recognized as top contributors, please feel free to use the award graphic attached to this post on your own website and link to this post for your readers’ information and reference. If you would like a higher quality graphic for your site, please email info@hl7standards.com. We have two sizes available.

A special thanks to the expanding #HITsm community from the HL7 Standards team: @healthstandards, @jonmertz, @ochotex, @hit_sonal, @thegr8chalupa and @jdzinger.

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Chad Johnson is managing editor of HL7Standards.com and senior marketing manager at Corepoint Health. He has worked in healthcare-related fields for more than 15 years, including working directly with physicians, nurses, radiologic technologists and health IT professionals.