Great Hope for 2012 Begins With a Look Back at The 10 Most Popular Posts From 2011

The transition of the calendar year always brings out countless Top 10 lists. That makes perfect sense, really, because after investing time and effort into any effort, it’s good to look back to see what people liked and what was successful to help steer where we go in the future.

The following 10 HL7 Standards blog posts were the most read in 2011. It’s going to be interesting to see what “clicks” with our Health IT readers in 2012.

10. 2011 Top #HITsm Contributors

If you’re on Twitter, this post is a great resource for both individual and organizational accounts that share and discuss all things Health IT.

9. Supporting CDA in Clinical Applications, Part 1: Introduction

What does it mean for a clinical application to claim, “Our application supports CDA?” In this post, Rob Brull describes the different levels or software process ability that is contained in the CDA document.

8. mHealth and Social Fitness: Why Tweet Workouts or Your Weight?

Spending too much time with technology is often blamed for fitness problems, but Angela Dunn looks at the work of Ted Vickey, who is conducting social fitness research to find out why people tweet their workouts, and if mobile fitness apps can lead to a healthier life.

7. CDA Levels of Interoperability

The need for interoperability is readily apparent in the healthcare industry. This post describes the three different CDA levels of interoperability.

6. “Meaningful Use” of Social Media at Stanford Medicine 2.0

This post descibes the unique Stanford Summit & Medicine 2.0 Congress, held Sept. 16-18, 2011. Never before had a healthcare conference gone to such great lengths to include the voice of the ePatient.

5. How To Get Started in the Healthcare Conversation with the Healthcare Hashtag Project

Have you ever thought to yourself, “What is a healthcare hashtag and how can I use it to follow conversations on Twitter?” If so, this post is for you.

4. 2011 #HITsm Mid-Year Report

A halfway point review of some of the top #HITsm Twitter users. Largely based on Klout scores, there are many great accounts in this list NOT found in the year-end list (#10 on this list).

3. HL7 Acknowledgements and Interface Pacing

Sonal Patel discusses HL7 ACK messages: What are your options? How do they work? What types of ACK messages are defined by HL7? What about interface pacing?

2. How Much Do Doctors Really Make?

Med student Mark Munns examines MD pay, writing that: “…physicians do not make much per hour adjusted over their lifetime. Comparatively, they make slightly more than the hourly rate of a high school teacher.”

1. HL7 v3 RIM: Is It Really that Intimidating?

In this post, Rob Brull helps makes sense of HL7 v3 RIM, or Reference Information Model. After reading this post, you’ll find that it’s not nearly as intimidating as all those colored boxes lead you to believe at first glance.



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Chad Johnson is managing editor of and senior marketing manager at Corepoint Health. He has worked in healthcare-related fields for more than 15 years, including working directly with physicians, nurses, radiologic technologists and health IT professionals.