Happy Birthday, #HITsm TweetChat!

Group shot of Health IT social media pros at HIMSS 2011, which includes several #HITsm leaders. If you're in this photo, please tag yourself in the version posted on our Facebook page!

The HL7 Standards team is proud to say that one year ago today, on January 10, 2011, the inaugural #HITsm TweetChat took place. We would like to send a big “Thank You” to the #HITsm Twitter community for helping make the chats so successful.

View the transcript from the first #HITsm TweetChat.

Exactly how much have we grown the past year? Check out these TweetChat graphs, using numbers courtesy of Fox ePractice, that compare the first chat with the chat held Jan. 6, 2012:

During the past year, the #HITsm hashtag has also grown roots on Twitter, as it is consistently ranked the #1 Healthcare Hashtag by healthcare management consultant firm The Fox Group, LLC. Search “#HITsm” on Twitter on any given day and you’ll find literally hundreds of Tweets and links related to Health IT and health care, in general. We look forward to continuing this momentum in 2012!

Please share this post and invite your colleagues and friends to join our #HITsm TweetChats, held every Friday at 11 a.m., CT.

  • What specific topics would you like to see addressed in a future chat?
  • Are there specific guest moderators you would like to see answer questions during a chat?

Most of all, we are so grateful to all the people who have joined in the essential health IT conversations this past year! Big changes required big conversations, and you have delivered. Thank you!

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Chad Johnson is managing editor of HL7Standards.com and senior marketing manager at Corepoint Health. He has worked in healthcare-related fields for more than 15 years, including working directly with physicians, nurses, radiologic technologists and health IT professionals.