Healthcare Conference Trends: More Social and Mobile with Free Live Streaming

Innovative healthcare conferences with free live streaming and video recordings truly understand that good ideas can come from anywhere. These conference organizers know that attending a conference in person is an experience that cannot be replaced, and will still hold value for attendees. However, these conference organizers also understand that they can increase knowledge sharing and their social capital exponentially by making content available to everyone virtually.

Many may not realize that innovators like O’Reilly’s Strata Rx Conference, Wired’s Living By Numbers and Stanford’s Medicine X Conference all recently offered a live broadcast streamed from their event for free. Many of the presentations and keynote speakers were recorded, and can also be viewed for free.

Extending Your Point of “View”

The social web affords an unprecedented opportunity for knowledge transfer and idea exchange. One way healthcare can truly engage all stakeholders in the social conversation is by sharing the ideas and innovations of its thought leaders at healthcare conferences.

The “realtime” social value of the live streams is that virtual attendees will engage via Twitter or the forums provided by the streaming vendors.

The mobile value is that anyone can engage anywhere via their smartphone or iPad, even if they have limited time available in their day. For example, if you are an East Coaster, you might catch morning keynotes from a West Coast Conference while having lunch. If you are on the West Coast, you may use a morning commute to catch late morning presentations on the East Coast, or lunchtime for afternoon presentations.

An organization could schedule a staff meeting to view a presentation from a live streamed conference on a topic of interest, and then engage its team to interact socially via Twitter and live blogging.

The value of content on the social web is being able to offer your point of view. The long term value of the recorded conference presentations is not only that they can be viewed at a later date, but that they can be embedded and shared. Presentations become part of new content created and conversations started by healthcare bloggers and writers globally including industry professionals, physicians and patients. Ideas grow, new connections are made, and the digital footprint and reach of the conference is maximized.

Costs for live streaming and video recordings are typically covered by generous and forward-thinking sponsors. Think about all the possibilities for really meaningful use of this knowledge and content!

Watch Free! Recorded Presentations from Live Streamed Healthcare Innovation Conferences


O’Reilly does a great job with their conference websites and you can find all the information about Strata Rx at Strata Rx, hosted October 16th and 17th, 2012 in San Francisco, used Livestream for its streaming, and recorded 19 videos of presentations into a YouTube playlist specifically for Strata Rx available here.

I enjoyed this presentation by Alexandra Drane, Founder and Chief Visionary Officer for the Eliza Corporation, about the need for asking better questions to get better data in healthcare.

“Bigger Data or Better Questions?”


Wired magazine hosted a healthcare conference around personalized medicine and innovation called “Living by Numbers” in New York City, October 15th and 16th, 2012. Wired used for its streaming where you can also watch full session recordings of the event on Wired’s conference channel.

One of the most popular health innovation speakers this year has been Dr. Eric Topol whose book “The Creative Destruction of Medicine” was reviewed on our blog by Jon Mertz. Watch Dr. Topol as he discusses “who” should be responsible for personalized medicine.

“Information into Action at Wired Health”

Eric Topol: Information into Action at Wired Health from WIRED on

Today, medicine isn’t just about knowing your numbers. It’s about knowing what to do with them.

Wired also has an eBook, “Living By Numbers”, that is free to its subscribers from the App Store or for Nook, that has collected Wired’s best writing about personalized medicine since 2009 “to show how this movement has grown and blossomed, and where it’s heading.”


The Stanford Medicine X Conference led by Dr. Larry Chu looks at emerging technologies at the intersection of health and medicine. Stanford Medicine X is known for patient-centered design and including all stakeholders including patient voices.  The conference, held September 28th through 30th, 2012, used Livestream, and free videos from the conference can be found on the Stanford Medicine X Website here.

One of the most compelling voices about empowering patients is artist Regina Holliday who lost her husband and became a champion for patients’ rights to health records.

“Regina Holliday at Stanford Medicine X”


“If we just talk to each other, we can change healthcare,” urges Regina Holliday.

Enjoy all these free presentations from leading thought leaders and stakeholders in health care and start the conversations around these ideas. Healthcare systems and physicians looking for content on their blogs have a great opportunity to take advantage of these generously shared resources. Turn ideas into action!

Please share comments about the presentations that you found most interesting, and why, in the comments below!


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