Analyzing The TweetStream: A Closer Look at The News For The Week of 6/17 – 6/21

In this new blog segment, we take a look at the top 5 pieces of news that ran through our Twitterfeed over a specific work week.


Anything new from the world of Farzad and bowties is going to get looks, but throw in details concerning the upcoming ICD-10 deadline and you’ve got a pretty interesting interview on your hands.


Aside from being a TEDMED video, which already explains most of the excitement behind this news, the talk, given by White House advisor Ryan Panchadsaram, discusses a patient’s right to engagement with their electronic health records. Panchadsaram uses the college education system and FERPA as a parallel example to what health care should be. At a university, students are able to easily view their records, correct mistakes, decide who sees those records, and request copies – Panchadsaram states patients should have these same simple liberties, without the hassles. The talk closes with a few examples of easier to read, patient friendly EHRs and a positive outlook towards the future.

The TEDMED video:



According to a study reported in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, of the eight most prevalent health conditions, only three seem to have a large amount of commercially available mobile apps. Further, it appears that researchers are still far less interested in mobile application’s use in the healthcare field than those motivated by commercial and economic incentives.



When nurses at the Affinity Medical Center in Ohio requested more time before implementing a new electronic medical record system, it made national health IT news. According to the Healthcare IT News article, it wasn’t the actual technology the nurses were uncomfortable with, but the speed at which they were expected to implement it.



Continuing the trend of “too-fast” technology, Forbes reported only 5% of all doctors are anywhere near ICD-10 ready, while most doctors look to be far out of reach from the Oct. 14, 2014 ready date.

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