Analyzing the TweetStream: Week of 7/29 to 8/2

Another Monday, another week of top news to bounce back your way. Here are the top five tweets that seemed to get our audience’s attention last week — all in one place.



It’s obvious to us how ignoring social media is a missed opportunity to reach out to patients and create a positive virtual experience for them, but according to an article on, showing a blind eye to online trends is also potentially damaging to a provider’s practice. Negative reviews and unanswered questions online can offset a physician’s otherwise positive reputation or make a bad reputation even worse. Docs needn’t be social media gurus, but ignoring the medium altogether is a bad idea.



I sincerely doubt that “injury by inflamed water skis” is a very common occurrence – nonetheless, there’s an ICD-10 code for that. However, as this article on assures us, there’s no need to actually get up in arms over the absurdity of these particular codes – no one is required by the CMS to use them, they’re merely free to if they’d like. Still, the next time you or a friend walks into a lamppost, you’ll know how to code it (W22.02XD).



Jeff Rowe, with, tells us the top ways Health IT effects consolidation: Cost, Change Management, Diverse Systems, Privacy, and Tech Support. You can read on for further details on each.


This piece of news was particularly cool: A division of Boston’s Partners Healthcare is currently working on a method to cull the health data collected by the various remote, consumer health-monitoring devices on the market, and then integrate this information into the patient’s EMR.


While some hospitals have recently shared Meaningful Use success stories, others are most likely going to struggle with improving their data exchange processes, security strength, imaging availability and patient engagement practices.

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Shane works in the marketing department at Corepoint Health. He currently is a full-time MBA student at the University of Texas at Dallas.