20 Questions for Health IT

#20HITSeptember arrives next Monday, signifying for most the end of summer, which means families with children are starting to settle back into a steady schedule and routine that allows for more consistent time to focus on work, on learning, and on reaching the end of 2014 on a positive note.

Here at HL7standards.com we have always operated under the principal of “Engaging conversations on healthcare and technology.” We work to accomplish this through our blog posts that span the wide swath of healthcare technology and through social media interaction that is more conversational and collaborative as opposed to a preacher with a bullhorn.

Our collaborative approach is best illustrated through our weekly #HITsm Tweetchats, which involve thoughtful discussions on topics that seemingly cover each “silo” of healthcare technology. If we’re not learning from each other through technology then we’re not social, we’re not curious, and we’re probably not very interesting, in my opinion.

It is with this collaborative and learning spirit that I am pleased to announce a new project I’ve dubbed “20 Questions for Health IT.”

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We hope this project, which covers the entire month of September, will take the interaction of our social media discussions one step deeper and allow more time to discuss 20 different topics currently influencing the health IT industry.

Beginning Tuesday, Sept. 2., we will begin publishing one health IT topic per day from 20 different individuals with a deep understanding of the topic. The author of each question was generous enough to stick her or his neck out and pose a short answer to the question in the hopes it will encourage further discussion in the comments section and also on Twitter using the #20HIT tag.

View each question and answer on the links below.

20 Questions for Health IT Schedule

Special thanks to each contributor

Sept. 2. Chad Johnson – Personal HIE
Sept. 3. Don Fluckinger – The Interoperability Blame Game
Sept. 4. Michelle Ronan Noteboom – Patient-Centered Design
Sept. 5. Bernadette Keefe, MD – Joint Clinician/Patient EHR
Sept. 8. Leonard Kish – Bitcoin & Blockchain Technology
Sept. 9. Greg Meyer – Optionality vs Extensibility in Standards
Sept. 10. Nick van Terheyden, MD – Technology in the Exam Room
Sept. 11. Hubert Zajicek, MD – Health IT Startups
Sept. 12. Angela Dunn – Health Tech & the Elderly
Sept. 15. Rob Brull – Direct Project
Sept. 16. Mandi Bishop – Health IT Governance
Sept. 17. David Muntz – Consolidated CDA
Sept. 18. Grahame Grieve – EHR APIs
Sept. 18. (Two for National Health IT Week) Rasu Shrestha, MD – Innovation 
Sept. 19. Scott Mace – National Patient ID
Sept. 22. Jon Mertz – Health IT Literacy
Sept. 23. Jennifer Dennard – Blue Button
Sept. 24. Steven Posnack – Electronic Health Records
Sept. 25. Vince Kuraitis – Moving from hoarding PHI to sharing PHI
Sept. 26. Brian Eastwood – Healthcare Big Data Analytics

Dates subject to change


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Chad Johnson is managing editor of HL7Standards.com and senior marketing manager at Corepoint Health. He has worked in healthcare-related fields for more than 15 years, including working directly with physicians, nurses, radiologic technologists and health IT professionals.